Excavation Contractor


Dirt Moving

Land excavation is the first thing that needs to be done to prepare for a building or parking lot. It involves digging holes and trenches for foundations, tanks, and water pipes while protecting the integrity of nearby structures, landscaping, and underground pipes and cables.

Our excavation team builds roads, clears land, digs sewers, retainage ponds, and swimming pools, levels, and grades job sites, and terraces agricultural land.

Site Preparation

The excavation also includes soil work. The ground beneath your building must be made to stay firm throughout the life of the structure. This involves soil testing and soil compaction using heavy equipment. It also includes drainage so water doesn’t interfere with the ground stability under the building. Grading and terracing to direct water elsewhere help ensure proper drainage away from your new structure without directing it into neighboring buildings.

Our excavation supervisors have the knowledge to complete your project the right way. They are certified in stormwater management and state licensed in new fire line installations and maintenance and septic installs and maintenance. We are knowledgeable about the soils of the Grand Valley and understand what our local soils need.

Heavy Equipment and Operators

Equipment commonly used to excavate and compact the soil is an excavator, trackhoe, backhoe, bulldozer, grader, ride-on or walk-behind compactors, dump truck to haul dirt and gravel, and often a water truck to keep the dust down.

Our heavy equipment operators are highly trained with the real-world experience needed to complete your project quickly and smoothly.

Every aspect of your excavation will be handled smoothly and professionally by the Merritt & Associates Excavation Team.


  • Compaction
  • Soil Conditioning, Preparation, and Excavation
  • Storm Water Maintenance and Installation
  • Utility Locates
  • Septic Systems
  • Sewer Line Installations
  • Drainage
  • Water Conservation
  • Soil conservation
  • Underground fire line
  • Foundation excavation
  • Water line trenching
  • Land clearing

Project Management

  • Equipment is Company Owned
  • Superior Compaction Work
  • 24-hour service
  • Storm Water Management


  • Merritt and Associates excavation and dirt work supervisors are certified in stormwater management and state licensed in new fireline installation or maintenance and septic installation and maintenance. Our employees keep up-to-date on their training and building codes.

Excellent Pricing

  • We stand by our quotes with confidence. Pre-bidding research helps us to thoroughly understand the project before pricing the job. All quotes are free.
  • We own our own equipment, keeping costs low.
  • We have strong relationships with area vendors, which allows us to pass on lower prices to our customers.