4 Things to Consider When Switching to Energy-Efficient Windows

by Keala’ulu’wehi Sinclair

4 Things to Consider When Switching to Energy-Efficient Windows

1. Energy-Efficient Glass

Glass is the most important component of energy-efficient windows. In terms of energy efficiency, double-paned or triple-paned windows are the most popular choices. Choosing the right glass depends on your personal preferences, budget, and size.  


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2. Window Installation

Installation of new windows is another crucial aspect of window replacement. Here’s where we come in! Your windows will not operate correctly if they are installed incorrectly. Having your windows installed properly prevents air leaks and drafts, saving you money and preventing heat loss. Also, if you don’t seal your windows tightly, water could leak into your home or snow could melt into your home, resulting in costly damage! In order to ensure a proper installation, it is best to leave this step to the professionals.

3. Glass Coating

It might be worthwhile to consider choosing a low-emissivity glass coating for south-facing windows in your home. This is important in the summer to reflect the hot summer sun and to keep your home cool. In the winter, they can also assist in reflecting the winter cold and maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.  

4. Energy-Efficient Approved Labels

The following are the energy-saving “seals of approval” you should always look for when purchasing energy-efficient windows:

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A window that has been ENERGY STARĀ® or NFRC labeled has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it meets specific performance standards.

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