Commercial Construction Moves Forward

FHE is one of the growing businesses bringing jobs to our region. Thank you FHE for allowing us to make your vision a reality!

Excerpt from the Grand Junction Sentinel,  “Commercial projects continue to move forward

The commercial real estate market moves at a slower pace than the residential market, as projects tend to have larger price tags, with more complicated lending, more complicated planning and design and longer construction phases. Some commercial projects involve multiple end users, as well.

There are several large commercial projects in various stages of construction in Grand Junction that are continuing to move forward, with some that will soon be ready for the more exciting, visible phases of construction with buildings emerging out of the ground.

In Fruita, FHE, a manufacturer of oilfield service equipment, recently moved into a second building that’s right next to its existing building, which it purchased in 2011. The new building has more than 68,000 square feet, and will allow the company to continue its explosive growth.

The FHE facility in Fruita is the headquarters for the company, which has a worldwide presence, with sales offices in three states and multiple countries. Engineers in Fruita developed the company’s signature device, RigLock, which makes operations at the wellhead safer and faster. All design, engineering, assembly, testing and certification for the equipment happens in Fruita.

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