What Are You Thankful For?

by Keala’ulu’wehi Sinclair

As we get closer to Thanksgiving my thoughts naturally go to what I am thankful for this year. Particularly at this time of year, there is a deep feeling of gratitude and thankfulness. We are never here for such a short period of time; it is so important to express our gratitude to our loved ones.

Whether spoken verbally or not, in writing or not, in sight or not, gratitude can always be felt. Giving thanks brings fulfillment while failing to do so is inviting an emptiness that cannot be filled, no matter how valiant your endeavor or how many “things” you try to replace it with, failing to express gratitude promotes satisfaction.

Even though it is not a material property, gratitude must first be possessed to be offered; it is free but demands daily personal commitment. Having gratitude brings happiness, calmness, and satisfaction. Living a life of gratitude entails focusing more on what you are grateful for than on what you are not.

So, what are you thankful for?

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